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Registration of Firm for session (2019-20) NOTICE Registration of firm from reputedregistered and experienced Firms /Supplies having valid GST,Tin,License, SaleTax Number for below mentioned heads are invited for session 2019-20 only by post/courier up to 25 Feb 2019. Science & Mathematics labs (Consumable /Non-Consumable ) furniture and fixture, Audio and Visual Aids , Musical Instruments , Fancy Dress , vehicle (Hire Basis ), AC and water Cooler (Repair), Sports ,PA System, Civil Repair, EPBX(AMC) , Computer &IT related parts & AMC ,Canteen , Security , Gardening ,House Keeping ,Providing Skilled /Unskilled labour (Plumber, Electrician etc.) , Printing,Stationary, Electrical Items/Goods, M&R (AMC), Iron Fabrication, Interior Works, Notice/Display Board, Play Field Items,Dustbin,Math’s Laboratory and Teaching Aid, other School related items. For Registration Form and more Details kindly visit School website:www.kv2hindan.edu.in Sealed envelope for registration form are accepted bypost only. On the top of the envelope item name(s) _________________ (for which the firm is applied for) should be written without that the form is not entertained. PRINCIPAL 25-02-2019
Tender Notice for Security and Conservancy services 08-09-2018
Revised Registration of firms for Bus transport service 17-09-2018
Registration of firms for Canteen ,Bus transport service & Central unit RO ,on rent tent services are invited with TIN no. Pan no. Reg no. GST No.. Last date is 15th May 2018. Send all the documents in sealed envelope through speed post the Principal. 15-05-2018
फार्मो से सत्र 2018-19 के लिए पंजीकरण हेतु आवेदन केवल स्पीड/ पंजीकृत डाक द्वारा आमंत्रित किए जाते हैं। परीक्षा स्टेशनरी/मुद्रण, विज्ञान प्रयोगशाला उपकरण, खेलकूद की सामग्री, ट्राफी मैडल फ़र्निचर, संगीत के उपकरण, भवन निर्माण एवं मरम्मत संबंधी कार्य और कंजरवेंसी सर्विस, AMC एवं खरीद हेतु ऑडीयो विजुयल, इंटरेकटिव बोर्ड, कम्प्युटर (हार्डवेयर/साफ्टवेयर), R.O.,वाटर कूलर, Riso मशीन/फोटोकॉपी(कार्टरेज)/CCTV ,एयर कंडीशनर, किराये पर टेंट,ध्वनि बिजली उपकरण, बस/टैक्सी सुविधा, जलपान वयवस्था,फैंसी ड्रेस हेतु आवेदनकर्ता अपने पैन/टेन/टिन/सेल्स टैक्स/वैट/जीएसटी इत्यादि की जानकारी सभी पेपर सहित अनिवार्य रूप से देते हुए दिनांक 10/03/2018 तक अपना आवेदन केन्द्रीय विद्यालय क्रमांक 2 वायु सेना स्थल हिंडन में जमा करे। 10-03-2018
For the year 2017-18, KV No. 2 AFS Hindan invities the supplies for the registration of the following through email only materials I services/ items such as Photo Copy Machine, Riso machine, CCTV Camera, Smart class rooms. They can submit registration with Pan /tin /sale taxNAT number up to 14/09/2017 in KV o. 2 AFS Hindan (by Post). 14-09-2017
Registration of firms for Games & Sports items ,swings,open gym and Music Items are invited through mail and By Post with TIN,PAN and Reg no. Sell tax. Last date is 25th August 2017. Send all the documents through email id or by Post . 25-08-2017
Registration of firms for transport service are invited through mail with tin no. Pan no. Reg no. Sell tax. Last date is 26th June 2017. Send all the documents in sealed envelope through speed post within 7 days to the Principal. 27-06-2017
फ़र्मों का पंजीकरण-2017-18 28-03-2017
संविदा नियुक्ति हेतु प्रार्थना पत्र (हिंदी प्रारूप ) 2017 09-03-2017
Contractual Appointment Notice 2017-18 09-03-2017
Firm Registration are open for installation of CCTV Camera and Musical instruments for the current session i.e 2016-17 . Interested firms may submit their proposal by speed post or through school email (kv2hindan@yahoo.co.in) with in 07 days i.e upto 08 January 2017 08-01-2017
कंपनियों के पंजीकरण के लिए सूचना 2016 (गार्डनर, स्वीपर, और सुरक्षा गार्ड) 17-10-2016